Commercial Property

Whatever the size your business and whether you are a company, partnership or an individual,

our Commercial Property Department is able to offer professional guidance.

The areas of law we specialise in and can advise upon include:

Buying and Selling Freehold and Leasehold property
Acquiring both freehold and leasehold property in the modern environment is not something that should be undertaken lightly. We pride ourselves in giving good, practical and knowledgeable advice on all aspects involved in the acquisition or sale of freehold and leasehold property.

Business Sales and Acquisitions
Our commercial team is able to give advice and guidance on business sales and acquisitions. We provide fast, accurate and positive guidance that will enable clients to make informed decisions, and take appropriate action at the relevant time. We also advise on all aspects of business transfers including that of goodwill. We also work alongside your other professional advisors in relation to associated matters such as tax and employment.

Sales and Purchases at Auctions Buying and Selling at auction is a very effective way of dealing with property, particularly agricultural property. Advice before bidding at an auction is essential and the preparation of a legal pack, if carried out professionally, can make the difference to the property selling or failing to make its reserve.

Commercial and Residential Development
We specialise in the acquisition and disposal of land for development and the subsequent sales of the plots or units once that development has taken place. A methodical and thorough approach is absolutely essential when making the acquisition and we believe that this approach can save a considerable amount of time when it comes to selling. Preparation of the contractual sale documentation well in advance can pay large dividends by ensuring the sale transactions get off to a prompt start.

Licensed Premises
Pubs, clubs and restaurants are another specialism of the practice.  We regularly advise several large and medium-sized chains of establishments within these sectors. We advise on many aspects of dealings with a licensed property and work alongside your licencing, planning and accounts professionals to ensure a seamless package of advice is provided to you.

Shops, Offices and Factories
Due to the range and diversity of our client base, we regularly deal with shops, offices and factories. Each type of property demands a specific set of skills and knowledge. We pride ourselves on our practical, thorough and proactive approach in dealing with your property.

Granting and acquisition of Leases
Modern Leases have become, in many situations, an extremely complex and lengthy document and the issues raised by the granting and acquisition of Leases can be similarly challenging. The modern Lease is probably one of the most complex legal documents that the average business will come across during the course of its existence, and the drafting and amending of a Lease is an area that requires a special approach to ensure the final document is bespoke to the agreement between the parties.  Far too often we find clients who have granted or acquired these agreements without the necessary advice and this could cause untold difficulties throughout and at the expiry of the term. We have teamed up with the Practical Law Company and now use their precedents exclusively to assist us in what we believe is a high-quality and practical service in this area of law.

Leases, Terminations, Renewals and Rent Reviews
This is an area that can be fraught with danger if thorough legal advice is not obtained. There are many deadlines and requirements specifically laid down by law which, if not observed, can lead to the loss of rights for both the Landlord and the Tenant and, indeed, can lead to opportunities being lost if procedures are not followed correctly. This is another area of law where taking advice early can pay dividends in the long run.

Compulsory Purchase and Blight
Having recently been involved in the Banbury Flood Alleviation Scheme and the HS2 Exceptional Hardship Scheme we endeavour to assist clients in this very specific area of law.

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