Rollasons Litigation Law

Sometimes life throws up situations where you are in conflict with others.  Our experienced team of litigation lawyers know how stressful these situations can be and can steer you through these disputes to a successful conclusion. 

Professional Negligence

We can assist if you have been let down by professional advisers, and can assist you with claims including against:

  • solicitors
  • accountants
  • surveyors
  • estate agents
  • Financial Advisers; and 
  • Brokers. 

Will Disputes 

Occasionally family members are left in a difficult position when they believe their loved one’s will does not reflect their wishes and should be challenged.  


We can assist with:


  • Inheritance Act Claims (claims for financial provision when it is not provided for in the will)
  • Challenging a will (on the basis lack of capacity, lack of formality, lack of knowledge or approval, undue influence, or fraud)

Property Disputes 

We can assist if you:


  • Have a dispute in relation to the location of boundaries
  • Have a dispute in relation to unpaid rent or service charge
  • need to remove a tenant from your property (residential or commercial)
  • have a dispute with trespassers or your property has been damaged
  • Wish to claim adverse possession over land that you are occupying or defend a claim for adverse possession in relation to land that you own; or 
  • Have a dispute relating to dilapidations at a property.  

We have a wealth of experience in managing disputes and bringing them to successful conclusions.  We frequently manage to resolve disputes without having to resort to Court proceedings and our lawyers take a pro-active approach and use alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, to bring claims to quicker and  more cost-effective resolution where possible.